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A foodservice manufactures rep agency

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We are the only agency with reps up and down the whole west coast.

PCH Solutions

We are a manufactures rep agency in the commercial foodservice industry providing creative solutions for Tabletop, Furniture, Smallwares, Chemicals & Small and Heavy Equipment needs.

Our newest alliance in Southern California

We deliver world class food service equipment to empower our customers to maximize energy efficiency, labor savings and drastically elevate productivity per square foot of kitchen space.

Meet our amazing team . . .

Matt Blackman

[email protected]

✦ I am passionate about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and plan on earning my blackbelt one day.
✦ I have a soft spot in my heart for rescue animals. 
✦ The Matfer ceramic fry pan is used in my kitchen excessively.
✦ Someday I would like to visit Oman.

Christopher Hamilton

[email protected]

✦ I love cooking with a Dexter Connoisseur Chef Knife.
✦ One day I will make it to Tahiti.
✦ My ultimate frisbee skills are off the charts!
✦All my free time goes to my 4 kids (2 under 2!)

Vicki Bash

[email protected]

✦ If I weren't so great at my job, I'd own a children's bookstore.
✦  The Matfer Pelton Spatula is a must in every kitchen.
✦ I can pick out a watermelon better than anyone!
✦ One day I'd love to hike in Zion National Park.

Drew Baumann

[email protected]

✦Giada De Laurentiis can cook me a meal anytime.
✦ My most prized possession is my baby grand piano.
I love fresh juice in the morning with my favorite tool, the Tablecraft Commercial Juice Press.
✦ I volunteer to teach kids with special needs how to surf.

Keni Sutherland

[email protected]

✦ I would love a superpower to read peoples minds.
✦ The grippy Tablecraft cutting boards are a staple in my kitchen.
✦ There's a lot of baking going on in my house!
✦ Studying theology would interest me if I didn't love my sales job.

Pacific NW-
Michael Hartman (OR, ID & MT)

[email protected]

✦ I'm a pop-culture addict.
✦ I'll never throw out my faded t-shirt with my newborn daughters footprints.
Martini's are best served in a Steelite Minners Cocktail Collection coupe glass.
✦ Summers are for sitting outside in cafes watching the city pass by.

Pacific NW-
Antoinette DAmbrosio(OR, ID & AK)

[email protected]

✦ Feel free to call me Ant, but never Annette! 
✦ If you haven't tried a Matfer Little Benji at home, you're missing out.  
✦ I may live in Portland, but I'll always be a Cubs fan.
✦ If I weren't selling, I'd want to be a voiceover actor.

Pacific NW-
Nicole Larson (WA)

[email protected]

✦ I've camped in 3 National Parks all in 1 week.
✦ I can't cook a meal without my Dexter iCut-PRO chef knife.
✦ I learned to drive a stick shift in a racecar 
✦ When I am not working, I love doing anything outside. 

Kristie Covert (MT & WA)

[email protected]

✦I owned my own Vintage clothing store in the 90’s.
✦During my down time I’m at our Property in Ocean Shores, on the beach searching for the perfect walking stick.  
✦I’ve worked every FOH position. Bartending was my favorite as a shaker, muffler and strainer are all you need for a good Cosmopolitan.
✦I like to decompress digging in the dirt, reaping the rewards of home grown organic produce .  

Heather Culig
Inside Sales Manager

[email protected]

✦ I start each day with hot chocolate and homemade whipped cream from my ISI Gourmet Whipper.
✦ At age 45 I ran my first 100 mile trail race.
✦ You will find me sewing or renovating my house when I'm not working.

Hope Blackman

[email protected]

✦ Owning a boutique hotel in France is a dream of mine.
✦ I sit on the board of our local PTA and School Fuel which supports art, music, and reading.
✦ I love using the MX1000XTX blender.
✦ Time travel would be an amazing super power.

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