About Us

The Hospitality business brings people together by creating friendly, entertaining experiences. PCH Solutions represents a large variety of foodservice products that can create unique options for these occasions. We have over 50 years as a premier Foodservice Manufacturers’ Rep Group and are the only non-foods West Coast firm with coverage servicing California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Our talented sales team works with distribution networks, end-user clientele, National Accounts, and local chains to become as obsessively passionate about our products as we are. Regardless of our products being big, small, disposable, compostable, electric, budget-driven, Cap X, trendy, classic, or custom we strive to make our enthusiasm contagious about what we sell.

The breadth of categories we represent allows us to have something for everyone we meet. We love to do on-site demo’s, chat with customers at trade shows, bring new product ideas to the market and train the industry on evolving trends.

We carefully choose the Foodservice companies we partner with. It is essential to us that our customers get the best sales service experience from both our team and our supplier associates. By aligning ourselves with innovative companies that demonstrate ethics and integrity as a shared core value with us, we know that our customers will always come first.

Staying at the forefront of the industry takes the ability to evolve and change. We continue to adapt to the shifts of this business aiming to remain ahead of the curve. Technology is key to this forward movement. Our social media and website keep us in the foreground with our foodservice audience. By fostering creativity, new ideas, goal setting, and open-minds we continue to evolve as a leader in the foodservice world.

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